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Since 1912, Glendale  Firefighters have protected residents and served our community

Glendale Firefighters of Arizona GFFAZ

       There’s never a dull moment in Glendale. One of the Valley’s fastest growing cities, we thrive on action and excitement, from Arizona Cardinals games at the University of Phoenix Stadium to the crowds that come for our many holiday events. No matter the emergency, the Glendale Firefighters are there to safeguard the public sun up to sun down, 365 days a year. Nor does our commitment to Glendale end once the accident has been cleared or the fire has gone out. Together with our public safety partners in the Police Department, the Glendale Firefighters have combined to save residents $7 million since 2008. We’ve deferred more than $750,000 in compensation, paid for supplies out of our pockets and done more with fewer firefighters on the street.


The Glendale Fire Department could hardly be busier: We have the highest number of fire/EMS calls per unit in the entire Valley. Fire calls have increased 16 percent in the past year. And EMS calls are up 13 percent. We also care about helping those in need. That’s why the Glendale Firefighters volunteer countless hours all over the city. Together with our fellow chapters in Local 493, the Glendale Firefighters raise about $1 million for charity annually.

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When there is a need in the community, Glendale firefighters take it personally
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Glendale Budget 911 Alert

   Every 60 seconds, a fire in a home or business doubles in size



This fall, with public safety in Glendale in a dire emergency, police officers, fire fighters and paramedics hit the streets. We spoke to more than 25,000 residents about the serious damage Proposition 457 would do to our community. Many residents were shocked at how far public safety services had eroded in Glendale. Told the truth, voters defeated Prop 457 in a landslide. You asked us to keep you up to speed on the status of Police, Fire and Paramedic Services in Glendale.


Today, Glendale faces a serious public safety dilemma. Our city is less safe and continues to get worse with each passing month. 911 response times in Glendale have increased by 2 minutes in the last few years. That increase puts us 2 minutes slower than the national standard for emergency response. 2 minutes is an eternity. Every 60 seconds, a fire in a home or business doubles in size. Every minute you’re in cardiac arrest, your chance of survival drops by 10 percent


Fire calls are up 26% in Glendale over the past 5 years. The Glendale Fire Department is the Valley’s busiest.

Total 911 call volume in Glendale has grown by more than 10% in the past 5 years. With 40,000 station departures a year, that’s 4,000 more callsIndustry standards dictate that cities add a new fire company for each 1,000 new calls. Glendale’s police, fire fighters and paramedics are the last line of defense against emergencies. Sadly, our resources have been dangerously depleted. 

The Solution?

For 5 years, Glendale has delayed adding a fire company. We need to add that company and fund a second new fire company to address the 4,000 additional 911 calls our fire fighters face each year.

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